Did you know we offer a lot more than urgent care?

At CareFirst you have access to a broad array of tests to help you keep an eye on your health. Many of these can be used to confirm a diagnosis when you visit a center for a health concern. However, sometimes you just to keep track of your numbers for peace of mind.

Health Tests & Screenings

Want to see if that exercise program is paying off, but don’t want to wait for your annual physical? Are you diabetic and just need a quick check of your A1C? Our lab — with over 50 health tests and screenings — means you can take better charge of your health without the need for a full office visit. Some test results are available within 24 hours! Plus, all testing panels include interpretation of your results to help connect you to a primary care physician or specialist if necessary.

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Mature male doctor collecting senior patient's blood for test in clinic


Do you remember the date of your last tetanus shot? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Making sure you’re up to date on immunizations is one of the best ways to prevent serious illness at any stage in life, from children to senior adults. You can count on CareFirst for some vaccines including tetanus and flu shots.

Don’t have a primary care physician? We also offer routine physicals, preparing you and your children for work, sports, school and travel.

Annual/Basic Physicals

This evaluation of your overall health includes an in-depth medical history and lifestyle review, a physical exam, screenings and discussion with a clinician.


Often required or recommended by schools, a Participation Physical Examination (PPE) reviews existing conditions and can confirm healthy participation in school and/or sports activities.


These physicals are often required by companies to evaluate a prospective employee.