E- Register

Check-in to your nearest location and save time on paperwork! E- Register allows you to pre-register and complete your required forms from the convenience of your home. 

E-Register is not required to be seen at CareFirst Urgent Care. Walk-ins are welcome.

After registering online and filling out our online forms, drive to the location that you selected and you will be seen by one of our amazing providers.

We're thrilled to streamline this process for no in-office paperwork or hassle. Just the best healthcare possible.

Please note: E-Register is NOT making an appointment; it simply adds your name to our list of patients waiting to be seen. You may not be seen at the exact time that you sign-up for. 


***For PCR Pre-Registration, you will ALSO need to register on Kareo through our "Check-in Online" button at your location.

Watch our PCR Pre-Registration Tutorial!

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